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The Cards in Your Pocket… Not up Your Sleeve (Reading the Same-Sex Ban)

When I was a young pastor I thought it would be fun to teach teenagers how to play poker… in the Sanctuary: an idea that didn’t fly so well with one of our older members. Whether I’ve learned anything over the past 30 years, however, is debatable. On one hand, I have moved…

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Texas Hold’em and the Homosexual Ban of Leviticus

{Finally the server is back… here’s the post from Tuesday} Over the past two weeks, I’ve dealt several ‘information cards’ regarding Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. As a reminder, these texts read: You must not have sexual intercourse with a man as you would with a woman; it is a detestable [to’ebah]practice.(18:22, CEV; or…

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Gibberish or Shirebbig? Reading the Ban on Male Intercourse in Leviticus

We love shortcuts in our fast paced society. After all, who needs to learn Hebrew to get a Hebrew tattoo? Why bother with cultural and literary contexts when we can read scripture and understand its “obvious” meaning? In concise terms, shortcuts can be dangerous. We may end up with Hebrew gibberish tattooed on…

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